Jumat, 13 April 2012

I'm The Girl Who Can't Be Moved

Just 2nd Month :)

It's Hurt knowing that he's trying to put all the pain over on me, and acting like I'm the reason everything fell apart, like it's all my fault. I know, I mad MISTAKES, but NOBODY'S PERFECT, and he SHOULD know that. He can blame us both, but instead of fixing the problems and trying to make it work, he chose to break up and end it. And now he's acting like he regrets breaking up ? And the most confusing part is; why did he break up saying "I don't have feelings for you anymore" and " I was focus to my University" and the he gave my friends somewhere around thousand other reason ? And why is he trying to make me jealous of every other girl ? why can't he just say "I want you BACK" or something ? Instead he's hurting me, making me confused, leaving me here not knowing I should let go or if I should keep hoping..

Please, tell me God.. HOW POOR I AM ??
Why am I always the one who gets HURT ????

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